Exclusive Design

Every design sold on Arketsy is unique and original, as it has gone through a rigorous review to guarantee its authenticity and quality. We even 100% guarantee that the designs sold on Arketsy have never been sold or distributed before, so you as the buyer are the only one who has the design.

Exclusivity & Copyright

Each design is a visual work with a unique meaning, thus we are committed to selling it once only and it is automatically marked as sold when the design has been sold, so other buyers cannot get / buy a design that has been sold.

Copyright is automatically transferred from the designer to the buyer who can claim it as your own design/brand for commercial purposes or for you to register it as a trademark.

Use your design for anything and forever, you don’t need anyone’s permission for any use without paying additional fees to us to use the design.

File Formats

The designs displayed throughout the website have file formats that may vary even in completeness, so be sure to read carefully what you will get after you purchase the design, such as AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, JPG and others. This difference is normal because it is the right of the designer to provide any file and of course depends on the application or software used.

Customize Your Design

Allows buyers to be able to request editing text or any element with the purchased design, if you have difficulty changing it, for this customization the buyer is not charged extra, because the design price includes the cost of customization. However, the buyer cannot request to add elements to the design or make it completely different or redo it from scratch. The buyer can only request editing.

Design Price

The price of designs on Arketsy varies from just $35, these are not just template designs like those sold on most websites, but designs that are one-time purchases. If you see a design you like, buy it fast!

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