License Agreement

Art licensing is a legal agreement in which an Artist / Copyright Holder grants permission to a third party to use their artwork for a specific purpose, such as on a product or for marketing materials. The agreement outlines the scope of use, fees, and other terms and conditions. Art licensing can provide artists with a source of income and exposure, while allowing companies / Licensee to use the artist’s work for their commercial purposes. A commercial license and an exclusive license are two different types of agreements that an artist may enter into with a client or licensee.

This Commercial and Exclusive License Agreement is entered into between Arketsy and the Client/Purchaser/licensee, whereby we have an exclusive and commercial license agreement for our proprietary products (as per the product license status) which you will be authorized to use for commercial purposes and unique services.

Exclusive License

Exclusive License Agreement is an exclusive license agreement that simply adds a further promise from the licensor not to enter into a similar agreement with any other party, or to impose enter into a similar agreement with any other party, or to impose a similar the right to use the patent or its own name. License agreement This kind of license agreement is prohibited from granting the same license to others.

An exclusive license is a legal agreement that grants the licensee (i.e., the person or entity who is buying the license) exclusive rights to use a copyrighted work (e.g., artwork, music, video) for a specific purpose. With an exclusive license, the copyright holder (Arketsy) grants the licensee the exclusive right to use the work for a particular purpose or in a particular context, such as for a specific project or for a limited time period / Unlimited time. The licensee usually pays a higher fee for an exclusive license compared to a non-exclusive license. In an exclusive license, the copyright holder (Arketsy) retains ownership of the work but cannot license it to any other clients for the duration of the agreement. This means that the licensee has sole access to the copyrighted work for the specific purpose or time period covered by the license agreement. An exclusive license can be beneficial for the licensee because it ensures that they have sole access to the copyrighted work, and can use it to establish a unique brand identity or to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Generally: An exclusive license tends to be more valuable to the licensee because it gives them sole access to the work.

Exclusivity: An exclusive license can give the licensee sole access which can be a valuable advantage if they are trying to differentiate themselves from competitors or create a unique product or service.

Control: With an exclusive license, the licensee has more control over how the artist’s work is used and can ensure that it is not being used by competitors or others in a way that could dilute its value.

Potential increase in value: An exclusive license has the potential to increase the value of the work, as it is used exclusively by one licensee. This can be especially valuable if the work becomes very popular or sought-after.

Grant of Right: Assignment: We give the copyright from one party to another party in the form of permission or agreement to use the copyright for your use as a Commercial Purpose / Print on Demand / unique service / for your Brand, not a transfer which is a release of rights to another party.

These licensed design products can be:

  •  Used for personal and commercial purposes.

  •  Modified, cropped, changed in shape and color, rasterized, or altered in any way.

  •  Used as part of software / applications / designs, no matter if they are intended to be sold or given for free.

You can use this licensed material in any sort of commercial creations like:

  • Unlimited Print on Demand (POD) products

  • Printed Material

  • Packaging

  • Videos

  • Presentations

  • Multimedia projects

  • Online content

  • Mobile & Web Apps

Restrictions: The licensed material remains the property of the licensor. The licensed material or any work derived from it may not be licensed, sublicensed, sold, resold, rented, assigned, leased, or redistributed directly or indirectly, even for free.

Licensed materials may not be published on the website as downloadable files, shared via newsletter, or distributed as is. No ownership rights or intellectual property rights are transferred to you.

The licensed material cannot be used to create content that is obscene, defamatory, and racially and religiously offensive. 

You agree to hold us harmless for any damages that may occur due to the use of, or inability to use.


Conclusions: Exclusive License: You are the only person who has our work in the world as a licensee of high value that can be used to advance the brand/commercial use for an unlimited time.

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