Barong The Balinese Mythology


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The Barong mask is one of the important symbols in Balinese culture and art. This mask is usually used in traditional dance performances in Bali. Illustrations of Barong masks generally show the appearance of the mask which has thick hair, an expressive face, and complex carvings. The colors used in these illustrations are often bright and striking, depicting the energy and spirit of the mythological creatures represented by the Barong masks.

The Barong mask symbolizes goodness and protects humans from evil forces. In this illustration, the Barong is depicted with its mouth wide open, illustrating the courage and strength that the mask has in defeating its enemies.

Overall, the Barong mask illustration is a beautiful and artistic depiction of a rich Balinese cultural symbol that has deep meaning. In this illustration, the strength, courage and protection of the Barong mask can be seen clearly, as well as the beauty of traditional Balinese art and culture conveyed through lines, textures and colors

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