Earth 2050


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In the illustration of a future earth with environmental destruction, we can see a gloomy and destructive scene. The sky that was once bright blue now looks murky and dirty due to uncontrolled air pollution. Lush green trees have been replaced by barren land, full of waste and non-degradable plastic waste.

Around the earth there is radioactive waste scattered in a number of areas, indicating human failure in managing hazardous materials wisely. The radiation that comes from this waste makes the environment toxic and unfit for living creatures to inhabit.

Despite this, humans are still trying to catch up with technological progress. You can see flying cars flying across the city skyline, replacing four-wheeled cars that contribute to air pollution. However, ironically, even though these future vehicles use environmentally friendly energy, their effects are overlooked because there are still other aspects that damage the environment.

Future skyscrapers rise majestically in the background of this illustration, showing rapid urban development. These buildings have a futuristic architectural design, with sophisticated glass and solar panels installed throughout the building. However, despite its impressive appearance, there is little visible environmental protection. There is no vegetation that should be sticking out of the buildings – visible human greed which prioritizes external beauty without paying attention to the balance of the ecosystem.

In the distance, a meteor can be seen approaching Earth. This meteor is a metaphor for natural disasters that can destroy the earth. This reflects how fragile the condition of our planet is due to careless human behavior.

In this illustration, we are presented with a gloomy depiction full of moral messages. The combination of technological achievements and environmental damage illustrates the importance of human awareness and action in keeping the earth sustainable.

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